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Q:   After inserting the DVD, nothing happens. Using Windows 8 operating system.

A:   Windows 8 can be a little tricky when it comes to installing from a CD/DVD.   If you have
AutoPlay turned on, there should be a notification box that appears in the upper right corner of
a few seconds, so you need to tap it quickly.
Once you tap it, you will get a notification box, like this:  (your letter drive could differ from this
Click Run setup.exe and the game install will begin.  Just follow the prompts for successful installation.

If you don’t have AutoPlay turned on (and you do not get the notification boxes illustrated above), you
need to change the settings to make it easy to install games from CD/DVD.  

To get into the AutoPlay settings, follow these steps:
1.         Press the “Windows Logo” + “W” key on your keyboard to display the “Settings” search bar.
2.        Type “AutoPlay” in the search back and press enter.
3.        In the “AutoPlay” window, click on the check box that says “Use AutoPlay for all media devices”
at the top of the window to select it.

Your PC should now AutoPlay any CD or DVD you insert and you can follow the install directions
prompted by Windows 8.