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Q:  I installed your game and while most of the games work fine, one of them doesn't open at all.  I
click on the game button but nothing happens at all - it's like the game didn't install.   What is

A:   It is possible that your anti-virus program detected one of the games (or a necessary file within
the game) as a possible threat.   This is not uncommon.  You can check if this is the problem by
doing one of these two processes:  

First, try running the game install while your anti-virus is turned off temporarily.  If you choose this
route, uninstall our game.   Temporarily disable your anti-virus program.   Reinstall our game pack
and try to launch each of the games to play.  

Secondly, your anti-virus program could have detected a file from our install as a possible threat and
quarantined it, again a false positive error.   But this is any easy fix as well.

Open your anti-virus product

On the main window click on “Quarantine”

On the opened list find the file you want to restore (since we are unsure what would have been
flagged, go by date.  If you are unsure, contact us with file names.)

Click on “More Details” (bottom, right side)

On the new window click on “Options” (bottom)

Click on “Restore file”

Check the "do not detect it any more option" during the restore

Close anti-virus product.   

This should un-flag our game pack and you should be able to now launch the game pack and the
game that was giving you trouble.