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Q:  My dollar balance on several games is at $0.  When I try to play several games it won’t deal me cards. How do I
reset the dollar amount?

A:  In Card Games Mega Collection, if your betting balance is $0, you can 'borrow' from the bank to continue play.   
In any game, click on a chip to bet.   A message will say you do not have enough money and ask if you want to
borrow from the bank.   If you say yes, another prompt will appear that will allow you borrow money (which at some
point you can pay back to better your stats) or you can reset your bankroll to its original default amount (but this
also resets your stats).

Q:   I cannot get hints to stop showing next move.

A:  Your Tutorial Mode may be turned ON.   If you are in the game, click the MENU icon in the lower left corner of the
game screen.  Click the button that says Tutorial Mode (this will toggle it off, if it's on and vice versa).  Then click
RESUME to go back to your game play.  Not all games have this features, but for those that do, you can do this
multiple times during a game if you get stuck or you can just click HINT button to get a one-time hint.

Q:  My games went from four players to two players with no explanation.  How can this be fixed?

A:  Card games that allow the number of players to vary can be set individually.  On the main page, where all the
game styles are listed, click the GEAR icon to the left of the game name to open up all options, including (on some
games), the number of players.  Some games default to a certain number of players automatically.

Q:  I bought this software for the solitaire game of Klondike. This game is not the version he wanted and I can't find
out how to see if there are other variations.

A:  We offer two variations of Klondike Solitaire.   Klondike and Klondike (Flip 3).    When in the main menu where
you can select the game type to play, click the small gear to the left of Solitaire.  

At the top of Solitaire menu, it will have Game Type.  Choose "Most Popular" and you will see the Klondike variations
that are able to be selected for play.