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Most newer computers have DVD drives, which can be used to install either CD’s or DVD’s.  

How to check to see which type of player you have:

For XP / VISTA / 7
1.       Go to start menu
2.       Select MY COMPUTER (or COMPUTER)
3.       There will be items listed under devices with removable storage with letters (ex.(E:) or (D:)

a. If any of the following terms are listed, you have a DVD drive and can run both DVD / CDs
 i. DVD-ROM Drive
 ii. DVD-RW Drive
 iii. DVD/CD-RW Drive
 iv. DVD Drive
 v.  DVD/CD-ROM Drive

b.        If any of the following terms appear, you only have a CD ROM and can only run CDs
 i.  CD-RW Drive
 ii.  CD Drive
 iii.  CD-ROM Drive

Windows 8
Click the FOLDER icon on the shortcut bar at the bottom of your display to open the File Explorer on
your PC.  

Underneath ‘This PC’, you will see the various folders and drives associated with your PC.   When
you have a disc inserted in the drive, this drive will appear in the list of drives on your PC.  It should
appear as either (D:) or (E:) and will have a drive description next to it as mentioned above.