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Q:        I don’t understand why I need to update DirectX and my video drivers, my PC is new.  
Can you explain this to me?

A:        Technology is constantly changing and while your PC may be new, there could very
possibly already be newer versions of DirectX and drivers out there for you.  We highly
recommend using the latest drivers available for the best game compatibility and performance.

Q:        What is DirectX?

A:        DirectX is a tool provided to software developers by Microsoft. It allows developers to
access the features of a wide variety of hardware easier by providing a single "language" to
use that will work on nearly any machine.   DirectX is designed to work with Windows and your
specific hardware.

Q:        What is a driver?

A:        A driver is the piece of software that allows your operating system and the hardware in
your machine work together. Without a driver, Windows would not know how to use your
computer's hardware.   It is very important that drivers for all devices - video card, sound card,
mouse, etc. - are kept as updated as possible.

Q:        How do I find out if there are driver updates available for me?

A:        You need to visit your PC manufacturer’s website.  Most sites will list drivers in their
DOWNLOAD section or SUPPORT section.