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Q:  I upgraded to Windows 10 and now I can’t play my game in full screen mode.  How do I fix it?

A:  This can happen when you change an operating system.  There are a couple of steps to try
and resolve the display issue.  

1.        First, check the in-game settings to select Full Screen On/Off.   

2.         If that didn’t help, check the Resolution and DPI settings on the PC.    Make sure that
your settings reflect the “recommended” settings for your PC.   Then click on Advanced
Settings.   Update your settings to the “recommended” settings again.  If you are prompted to
restart your PC, do so.  Lastly, some games were designed long before Windows 10, therefore
there may not be a way to change the game to run full screen as Windows 10 prefers.  
However, the game could still run in windowed mode just fine.