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Q:   There is a really hard puzzle in Silent Scream in which the lady is asleep in the daycare.  
How can I solve it?

A:   The object of this mini-game is to get the day care record book without waking the woman.  
You have to slowly drag the items out of the way in order to grab the day care record book.   
Watch the meter on the left, because if it gets to red, you have to start over.   

The key to this puzzle is making sure you don’t move too fast.

You can always skip the puzzle when the timer at the top of the screen allows.
Q:  I’m at the house on Adams Street upstairs. There is a vase of coffee beans with a single
flower in it.  I cannot do anything with it and cannot move on from there.  What do I do now?

A: When you encounter the flower pot with coffee beans, you must drag the stones around
(using your mouse) to uncover the key.   Take the SAFEBOX KEY.

A:  Take the CANE (O).  Walk down to exit Granny’s apartment.  Enter your apartment and
go to the bedroom.  Look at the hiding place in the ceiling.  Use the CANE to get the